Profile of Christine Williams

My ceramic pieces and its surfaces are a canvas for my love and lifelong pursuits of art, painting and drawing. They depict scenes that describe a sometimes whimsical narrative, as the hand drawn images are placed on primarily hand built paper porcelain vessels.

All things in our natural world excite and inspire my images , be it the birdlife in my garden our beautiful heritage of fauna and flora in SA or the lovely bright colors in our ocean.

I enjoy looking at the relationship between form and decoration, it is my intention to create a dialogue between the two hoping the one compliments the other .

I enjoy all stages of making especially the ‘green ‘ ware in which I use stamps and foliage to create a textured canvas or add sprigs for added interest.

At this stage of my process I start having an idea of color and start imagining the finished product. My vessels are functional, I glaze the inside to make it watertight, so even though my pieces are often purchased for purely decorative purposes, they are lovely to showcase a floral display..


Christine Williams;

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